The fourth season of Bravo’s reality juggernaut Top Chef concluded last night in Puerto Rico with thirty-one year old Chicago-based chef Stephanie Izard grabbing the crown and hundred thousand which comes with it. Narrowly losing out were molecular gastronomist Richard Blaise and unlikeable harpy Lisa Fernandes.

As a seasoned Top Chef fanatic who has taken in every single episode on multiple occasions, I can safely say Stephanie was worthy of the title. With four elimination challenge wins (tied with Richard), she was consistently dominant throughout the competition, only occasionally being foiled by her lack of confidence. I, personally, thought Richard Blaise was a slightly better all-around cook, but her final meal was superior and justifiably pushed her into the lead. Lisa, on the other hand, was a marginal chef at best, skating by in the bottom three for nearly every challenge.

Miss Izard has yet to comment on what type of restaurant she will open, but I’m fairly certain whatever cultural influence she chooses will be delicious. We here at Cinema Blend send out our congratulations to Stephanie in joining previous winners Harold, Ilan, and Hung.

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