Even if you liked People's recent choice of Bradley Cooper as this year's Sexiest Man Alive, you probably also have a little bit of sympathy with the people who demand that somebody else deserved it. There's the Ryan Gosling protesters, there's the mothers of all the other candidates, and then there's Stephen Colbert. Colbert isn't necessary on the Gosling train, but he is questioning Cooper's credentials, and he's not even impressed with Cooper's ability to speak French. Check out the video diatribe below.

You can argue that Colbert has been funnier or more politically relevant, but it's hard to beat lines like "Is that a man or did a horse take a dump in a wig factory?" and "Bradley Cooper tripped Nana and she shattered her pelvis and he's laughing at her. Isn't he sexy?" At this point I'd feel a little sorry for Bradley Cooper, with seemingly half the planet chiming in to say how unworthy he is of the Sexiest Man title, but then again, I think he's already got enough rewards. He's always going to have that square, chiseled jaw and bright blue eyes, and Ryan Gosling and the rest of the world are just going to have to live with it.

But hey, how about Colbert's campaign for justice for Matthew McConaughey? He had a hit this year with The Lincoln Lawyer, he's a former Sexiest Man winner, and last I checked he's still looking pretty good. Can we get some protests going for that campaign too?

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