One of the best sources of celebrity and depravity is the ‘Howard Stern Show’. Even after the move to satellite, the rich-and-famous and the insane-and-impoverished still flock to let people know what goes on behind closed doors.

Now, not that world-famous genital-stapler Steve O is the tight-lipped one, but the star of MTV's Jackass phoned in to Stern's and dropped a twisted nugget. Howard hit up Steve for details concerning his past relationship with human skeleton Nicole Ritchie. Without a pause, O said they were both in the relationship strictly for publicity, and there was nothing but a friendship between the two. When Stern expressed his doubts, Steve insisted that there was no sexual relationship.

But, while lying in bed together one evening, the MTV wildman stated he took business into his own, er, hands — not once, not twice but THREE times. He claimed that Nicole slept through the first tug, but was awake and well aware of the follow-ups. However, Steve did state that Ms. Ritchie kept her hands to herself at all times.

I knew that Steve O likes to beat his body, but apparently he beats some parts more often than others.

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