Aerosmith was forced to cancel a concert in Paraguay earlier this evening after lead singer Steven Tyler ended up in the hospital. The American Idol judge reportedly spent more than four hours at the La Costa Medical Center before he was released and ordered to take the evening off. Concert promoters released a statement informing fans the evening’s performance would not be held, but as of press time, it’s unclear whether the rock band will make up the gig. It’s one thing to cancel a concert in New York, but getting back to South America is a little more of a scheduling challenge.

The specific details of how exactly Tyler injured himself are a bit unclear, but according to Reuters, he fell while he was in the bathroom. The news organization quoted a source who worked at the hotel as saying he fell while he was in the shower, but a spokesman for the concert promoters said he’d been suffering from dehydration. Whether those two facts go hand-in-hand is a matter of debate.

Also clouding the waters is Tyler’s legendary reputation as a ladies man. The rock star is in great shape for a sixty-three year old which has led some to speculate he may have had a friend in there with him when he took a tumble. I certainly wouldn’t put it past him, but seeing as how he’s in a relationship, we’ll hope funny business wasn’t involved.

Regardless of what happened, Pop Blend sends out its well wishes to Tyler as he recuperates from what was clearly a serious fall. Here’s to hoping he’s back performing again soon.

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