Network television is preparing to return to the good ‘ol days in the fall with The Playboy Club and Pan Am, but don’t expect the latter program to be completely authentic. Despite researching the luxury airliner and all that surrounded it rigorously, producers have decided to make Christina Ricci and her co-workers non-smokers. The decision is a direct result of Disney protocol, and the powers that be have issued a statement decrying how impressionable television viewers are.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Tommy Schlamme called the cigarette-less cabin Pan Am’s “one revisionist cheat”. Of course, that’s definitely not a decision every 1950s/ 1960s show is willing to budge on. The characters of Mad Men smoke constantly, which strikes me as fitting, but apparently, it rubs a whole host of worried executives the wrong way. Something as small as smoking definitely won’t keep me away from the premiere of a show that could well turn into a smash hit, but to be perfectly honest, it is a strike. Knowing producers willingly decided to trade historical authenticity for the sake of health-conscious complainers isn’t really how I like to envision my ideal showrunners. Still, we live in a world where ratings boards actually take into account smoking when factoring in what’s age appropriate.

Smoking has become taboo on both the small screen and the big screen. Worried over how it might look or who might protest, characters have consistently been sucking in the smoke to feed an agenda. Yes, cigarettes cause cancer, but that doesn’t make them any less apart of the past or present. We don’t ban spouses cheating in movies just because it might set a bad example. Maybe someday we will.

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Should We Care About Characters Smoking?

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