Rocker Sting is hoping to give Italian agriculture a boost by bottling and selling wine made from the fruits of his own Tuscan vineyard.

The ex-Police frontman has announced plans to produce 30,000 bottles of Chianti a year from his estate in Figline Valdarno, south of Florence, in an effort to "defend Tuscan agriculture and biodiversity".

The star began bottling his first efforts in 2007 and those crates are slated to hit shelves in September (09). Sting will later market two kinds of wine: a Chianti DOC and a Tuscan red. And it was his profound concern for the environment that inspired the endeavor.

He says, "I always use traditional methods - no pesticides. I am a farmer who looks after the land to nourish it and not to plunder it."

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler, who bought the vineyards and the adjoining woods in 2002, already sell honey and olive oil from the land under the brand name Il Palagio Sumner Family. (PAW/WNBTI/AV)

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