Actress Sharon Stone did not lose physical custody of her young son with ex-husband Phil Bronstein, according to her lawyers.

According to documents detailing a custody hearing earlier this month (12Sep08), Bronstein would "have permanent sole physical custody of child. (The) court finds that respondent Sharon Stone failed to meet her burden of proof and denies respondent's (Stone's) request for modification of custody."

But the documents also stated: "Custody, visitation, holiday and vacation schedule shall remain in place as outlined on 10/4/07 order," - a document which stated that Stone had joint physical and legal custody of her son Roan, according to website

And the only reason that the case went to court again was in an attempt to get her son to move to a school in California, according to the star's lawyer. Marty Singer says, "The court order of 2007 provided that Roan was to go to school in San Francisco. Sharon went to court to try and modify the existing order."

"She wanted the court to modify the order so her child could go to school in Los Angeles. But the court felt that, for whatever reason, that she did not meet a burden to move him out of San Francisco during the school year."

"She thought it was best at this young age that she had these two younger children to have her older son be with them and the court didn''t want to modify the order. She loves her son and felt it would be better to have her child in Los Angeles."

Stone and Bronstein announced their split in 2003, after five years of marriage. Stone also has two other children: sons Laird and Quinn, who she adopted in 2005 and 2006 respectively. (CL/WNWCZM&WNWCPL/MJ)

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