Stuart Townsend has spent most of his career as a slightly under-the-radar Hollywood actor and, with this weekend's Battle in Seattle, a director. But he's also been a fixture of the paparazzi thanks to his Oscar-winning girlfriend, to the point that half his Google hits are about his relationship or random details about their home life. I asked Townsend how he felt about the attention when I sat down with him to talk about Battle in Seattle last week.

"I don't care. It is what it is. I'm not going to feed that beast. It's really nobody's business, but unfortunately we live in a culture of celebrity. you can't get away from it. What you can do is stay out of the spotlight as much as you can. On your days off you just hang out with your mates and have a normal life."

But Townsend admits it's hard to annoy the tabloid attention when it comes in the form of the paparazzi. I joked that we wouldn't see him punching any photographers any time soon, but he sighed and admitted, "it really scares me, because I've already had a few scuffles." For those of us who don't watch Inside Edition and the like, this next part might come as a surprise. They taunt you, they call Charlize a cunt-- they want you to hit them. And that's really hard. Particularly being an Irishman."

The rest of my interview with Townsend revolved around his dramatic, gripping film Battle in Seattle, in which more than a few fights break out-- though none of them, I don't think, with photographers. Check back later for the full-length version of our chat.

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