While everyone else was out shopping, Jennifer Nettles was making the final preparations for her wedding. Other girls might have been sad to miss Black Friday, but seeing as how the Sugarland singer chose to get married in a small ceremony deep in the Smoky Mountains in front of only those closest to her, I doubt she was all too concerned about missing out on a day of racing around with millions of other shoppers. Plus, she’s had enough success that she probably doesn’t always have to pick items from the sale rack.

The musician met her new husband Justin Miller several years back. He’s an entrepreneur, but he took a break to appear in Sugarland’s 2006 video for “Want To”. The pair began dating in 2009, and it was smooth sailing all the way to their wedding. According to People, the bride wore Alexander McQueen and was rooted on by her bandmate Kristian Bush. Despite what their loving glances in music videos might indicate, the partners are just friends, and by all accounts, he was very pleased about the marriage.

The wedding represents the first good bit of news for Sugarland in awhile. The band was rocked earlier this year by a disaster prior to their performance at the Indiana State Fair that killed several. They’re currently being taken to court in a frivolous lawsuit for not pulling out of the gig after the weather turned ugly. The group responded with a benefit show and numerous apologies, but apparently, that wasn’t enough.

Hopefully, that was the last thing on Nettles’ mind as she walked down the aisle. Every bride deserves to have a day of unrestrained joy. Pop Blend wishes the newlyweds nothing but the best as they move forward as life partners.

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