T.I.’s had a couple of tumultuous weeks. First, he was let out of jail a whole month early. Shortly after the joyous news, the uncouth rapper was re-arrested for mislabeling his tour bus as a ‘van’ when he was picked up to be escorted to his halfway house.

Thursday, T.I. was finally released from an Atlanta halfway house to the joy of his family, his fans, and likely VH1, who has some money invested in a reality series with the star. I know T.I. only had to head back to jail for a hop and a skip before his discharge was figured out. Still the whole thing is disheartening, especially when you consider an arrest was made on account of a paperwork mishap.

Which is why it is doubly exciting T.I. got a “Welcome Home” party Thursday evening. According to TMZ the potluck get together was replete with southern comfort…food. Dishes included collard greens, fried and BBQ chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, and red velvet cake. Family and friends are expected to show up bringing even more food. Sounds like my dream wedding reception.

In any event, congrats to the newly free rapper. Here’s to hoping jail time won’t keep you from masterminding some new tunes in the near future.

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