I can’t say I’m a big Taylor Swift fan; not that I really ever gave her music a fair chance, but I know that all the girls that listen to her tend to start hating guys quicker than a Cincinnati Bengal is arrested after the NFL season starts. She’s one of those teenage girl artists that puts false ideals into girls' heads, despite that not being her intention. It’s one of those situations where I don’t hate the product, just the way it’s used. Regardless, her talent is undeniable, and her cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” really shows off just how damn good her voice is.

She sounds fantastic in that video, for the parts that you can hear her over the crowd. The whole thing feels pretty tongue in cheek, but I like the way that she turned the song a little bit; not on its’ head, exactly, but she tweaked it to fit her style of singing. What’s really surprising is the number of people at her concert that knew the song word for word. I was in high school when that song came out and I couldn’t sing past the first verse.

Swift is currently on a North American tour that will last until late November, you can check out her tour dates here, and who knows? Maybe you’ll get to hear her break down Drake’s newest album. Yeah. Right.

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