Last year, Teen Mom Amber Portwood spent the holidays in jail following an arrest for felony assault and neglect. This year, she was hoping to leave her past behind and spend Christmas with her family, but unfortunately, that dream is looking like a long shot after police hauled her to jail a few days ago.

The incident started after Amber blew off her probation hearing. Cops paid her a visit following the no-show and found pills in her purse. Portwood claimed they were what remained from an old prescription, but she was unable to provide any documentation. The unregistered drugs were enough to be considered a probation violation, and now she must wait until a judge rules on how long she’ll stay.

All of this came out during an interview Amber’s brother Shawn gave to E! News. In addition to the hard facts, he also expressed disappointment about his sister’s incarceration and admitted the family had all been convinced she was doing better.

At some point, you need to grow up. If not for yourself, for you child. Even if she wasn’t taking the prescription drugs, that doesn’t excuse blowing off court, and it shows a lack of common sense. Pop Blend wishes Amber nothing but the best as she tries to get her life together, but maybe missing another Christmas is exactly what she needs.

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