Amber Portwood, the unwed teenage mother who captivated audiences on MTV’s hit Teen Mom, is currently in an Anderson, Indiana hospital following an apparent suicide attempt. The twenty-one year old who’s recently battled domestic assault convictions, claims of neglect and racy leaked photos was reportedly found unconscious by her sometimes boyfriend Gary Shirely’s mother. She phoned the paramedics who arrived and rushed her to St. John’s Hospital.

Word is Portwood woke up soon after and confessed to nurses she willingly downed handfuls of pills. She was discovered with a rope around her neck, but police have yet to confirm whether she actually tried to hang herself. According to Star Magazine and Radar Online, the overdose came less than a week after Portwood worked out a deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time stemming from arrests related to repeatedly punching Shirley during an episode of Teen Mom.

We’re still a little too early in the game to know whether Portwood will have to spend thirty days in the psychiatric unit or what might happen to her daughter Leah in the meantime, but we’ll keep you abreast of those details as they come to light. Until then, all that’s left is to hope Amber gets her life together. The trials and tribulations of a teenage mother aren’t easy, but suicide is never the best answer. That poor little two year old needs a mother, but until that mother gets her life together, perhaps it’s best she only see her father.

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