If you have seen Black Swan, you know that Natalie Portman’s character fits under the category of “bat-shit-crazy”; as such, it should come to no surprise that the role has made her susceptible to breakdowns. What may surprise you is that Thor may have staved off any serious emotional side effects, for now, at least.

Portman tells WENN:
"We got nice long breaks and I got to read in my trailer which was very comfortable and has a bed. I could eat whenever I wanted and train whenever I felt like it. Also I went on to do the Ivan Reitman comedy No Strings Attached as well. They didn't require a lot of research ahead of time. They didn't require any specific physical training. Both were very fun projects, surrounded by friends. They were both the gentlest of any work experience I could have gone into after the extreme situation of doing Black Swan."

Does she take herself a little too seriously? Maybe. But hopefully the chemistry that she supposeduly developed with the Thor cast will not only carry over into the film, but will help avoid any long term damage done by her method-acting experience in Black Swan.

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