Remember that douche from Tila Tequila who head butted another contestant and was promptly booted off the show? Well, he resurfaced this week for surprise surprise violent, irrational behavior. The alpha male was arrested for reportedly beating up his girlfriend. Cops were called to abode in West Hollywood after neighbors overheard the argument, and the 5-0 entered the house to find a bruised and beaten woman. I’m no Perry Mason but that seems a little open-and-shut to me.

According to TMZ, the accused (real name Chad Tulik) was booked and had bail set at fifty thousand dollars. I’m not sure what Real Shot Of Love pays, but that’s a steep price for one’s freedom.

Remember when the more dangerous reality show contestants were eccentric weirdos like Puck who would put their fingers in the peanut butter and just generally run amuck? Those days are over. If reality shows were the United States in this analogy, the new contestants would be everyone who came over on Castro’s felon boat from Cuba in 1980.

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