The last time Time magazine chose a Person of the Year who wasn't a specific individual but a general concept, the Internet at large basically revolted-- even though we were the ones they had chosen. Yes, the choice of "you" as Person of the Year in 2006 was justifiably mocked, especially with that shiny mirror cover, but Time's grab-bag choice this year is at least a little more relevant an important. This year's cover story promotes "The Protester" as Person of the Year. Check out the striking cover image below.

Though I fully expected Steve Jobs to get this honor somehow, the protester choice makes sense, and Time backs it up with a series of profiles of people who have protested all over the globe this year, from "Loukanikos the Protest Dog" of Athens to an Egyptian dentist who was blinded twice, once in each eye, by rubber bullet shot in Tahrir Square. Even the story of how the photographs were taken is fascinating-- Time's international picture editor traveled all over the world setting photo studios everywhere from New York City hotel rooms to a temple in rural India. While the refusal to pick a single person for the "Person of the Year" honor feels a little wishy-washy, the photos are a stark reminder that images of protest have dominated the media all year, and there really does seem to be a spirit of rebellion taking over worldwide, uniting American college kids and the Egyptian poor in a way unimaginable before.

But before I let you leave this article feeling noble and congratulating Time, keep in mind that among their runners-up is Kate Middleton. Sure, they also chose Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and SEAL team leader William McRaven, but you know, you have to have a little bit of lowbrow amidst all the nobility. The Person of the Year issue is on newsstands this week, and since it's generally the only issue of Time worth picking up in a given year, you might want to check it out.

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