Kelly is a confessed High School Musical fan, and Katey found herself suddenly crushing on Zac Efron after seeing HSM 3 yesterday. Looking for validation that she wasn't a total creep, Katey turned to Kelly to see if she shared the crush, and they managed to make a list of five guys they're probably too old to crush on, but won't give up regardless. An answer to all the men who counted the days until the Olsen Twins turned 18 and were all about Britney in her early days, here's our list of five actors who are young, but not too young to deserve our looooove. Let us know in the comments and in the poll below which of these younger men you totally would have taken to prom.

5. Tristan Wilds. He may have shared a kiss with Dakota Fanning in Secret Life of Bees, but that doesn't mean everyone has to be 14 to want a sample from his honey jar. Take a look at his song and dance when he thinks he's alone in the honey house, or the designer style he rocks on the new 90210. Yeah, his face is young now, but that kind of poise and talent carries over into adulthood-- and hey, 19 isn't that young in Hollywood, right?

4. Shia LaBeouf. How can you not have a crush on Shia LaBeouf? On the surface, he sort of has that boy-next-door every guy kind of look but put the guy in some crazy, life-threatening situations and the hotness comes out. Case in point: Transformers. At the beginning of the movie, I wasn't totally sold on seeing him and Megan Fox as a couple but throw a bit of transforming auto action his way and suddenly, he's gorgeous. Sweaty and dirty, sure but hot nonetheless. Now if only I could figure out how to say his last name correctly.

3. Michael Cera. He's been blessed with a career full of good roles, but every interview indicates he's the same softly mumbling, indie rock kid he plays in the movies. The soft face and flawless hoodie fashion are great bonuses, but the Cera appeal is all about the hands shoved in pockets, shrugs and nonchalant attitude. You figure if you knew him back in high school, he would have written you a song but never dared to declare his love. Now that you're all grown up, why not finally give him the chance?

2. Daniel Radcliffe. If I were to go the geek route, I'd go on a brief tirade about how Daniel Radcliffe is not at all the way I picture Harry Potter when I read the books but that's totally beside the point. In terms of what's relevant here, I can hardly complain about the boy's looks. Strong jaw line, gorgeous eyes, amazing smile and great hair. Plus, he seems to be pulling off that scruffy-hot thing rather nicely. Add that to that adorable accent of his and what's not to love? I'm also willing to bet that this guy's only going to get better looking with age.

1. Zac Efron. I'll admit Zac Efron is no great shakes when it comes to acting, and in High School Musical 3 he's as bland as Richie Cunningham. But when he breaks out some choreography, sings a ballad or just lets those baby blue eyes twinkle all on their own, his adorable babyface turns magnetic. He's the kind of guy who'd know how to dance with you at your cousin's wedding and actually be willing to sing karaoke. I'll secretly swoon for his old-fashioned triple-threat talent as long as he gets to keep busting moves in his post-HSM career.

Who Is Your Favorite Younger-Guy Crush?

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