The Shawshank Redemption is a beautiful movie filled with sweet, human moments that take place in dreary settings. The prison walls serve as imposing caveats, qualifying all joy and happiness with a yeah, but… undertone. Even after a few of the characters find themselves in the outside world, their apartments and occupations are drab and uneasy. And then Red sets off to find a letter. Hidden under a rock beneath a beautiful Oak tree, the film's narrator finds his purpose and redemption in a little box surrounded by the film's most picturesque and enchanting location.

Last week, a powerful storm ripped through Ohio and severed that beautiful tree in half. It had become a tourist destination in which fans and nostalgic travelers stopped to think and reminisce about one of the best movies the 1990s produced. At first, the Mansfield Convention And Visitors Bureau was pretty weary about the landmark's fate, but earlier today, officials told TMZ they're planning to meet with property owners to devise ways it could potentially be saved. In all likelihood, that may mean moving it or chopping part off to save the rest; so, the leaders of Mansfield are encouraging people to come out and pay their respects now just in case.

I know it's a bit goofy to be worried about the fate of a tree, but that scene is so perfect in every way. The Oak looks so healthy and full of life, just like Red and Andy. It should be there, reminding all who see that hope is, in fact, a great thing.

Side note: if there ends up being some sort of rescue fund, I might go broke.

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