SOUTH PARK creators TREY PARKER and MATT STONE regret mocking TOM CRUISE and Scientology in a controversial episode of their show, because they are now constantly asked about him and have a "Tom Cruise stink" on them.

The duo skewered the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star and his religion in the Emmy-nominated episode TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET and are convinced the repeat episode of the show was pulled from the air last March (06) because Cruise was unhappy with the material.

Stone says, "We just picked the wrong guy to parody because I have a feeling we'll be asked about Tom Cruise for the next two years. "Every time we're in a headline, it's like, Tom Cruise and then us in a headline, you start to get that Tom Cruise stink on you."

Stone claims the duo chose not to grant any media interviews at the height of the controversy in March. He explains, "We didn't do any press because we were just going to get in a p**sing match with Tom Cruise, and we didn't want to be in the same article as that guy."

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