There have been so many Tupac songs released since his death in 1996 that it's almost too lame to joke about. Yes, the rapper still somehow has new music out there. Yes, there are a lot of crazy conspiracy theorists who think he's still alive out there. But I don't think anyone ever expected the latest twist on Tupac's strange posthumous career success. According to TMZ, Tupac now has a sex tape, in which he can be seen "receiving oral sex while rapping and dancing."

Forget the fact that this seems logistically impossible-- receiving oral sex and dancing at the same time?? How about the fact that this tape was made back in 1991, a time when, sure, people had video cameras, but not nearly as easy to use as that "record" button on your iPhone. There's a reason there's been an explosion of sex tapes in the last decade-- they're a lot easier to make these days. It turns out that Tupac was a pioneer ahead of his time in something other than music.

TMZ claims that the person who owns the tape is making plans to release it, which means you can soon see for yourself how Tupac enters a house party, pulls one of the women present over to him, and sings along to his own music while she services him. There's also a cameo appearance by Money B of Digital Underground, if you're ready to fill out your early 90s rapper bingo card. With Antoine Fuqua still presumably planning a Tupac biopic, he may now have a new primary source to work from.

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