Donda West, the 58-year old mother of rapper Kanye West, died from complications of cosmetic surgery, according to TMZ.

Her Beverly Hills doctor, Dr. Andre Aboolian, held back from performing a breast reduction and tummy tuck until she received clearance from a recommended internist because of a concerns about West’s health condition which could lead to a heart attack while under the knife. Unfortunately, West did not receive the recommendation and had the surgeries performed by a different doctor altogether.

It is still unclear where exactly Donda West was on Saturday evening when paramedics were called. Rumors abound that she was in post-op recovery or still on the operating table at an undisclosed surgical center in Beverly Hills that offers chic and discreet recovery from surgical events. She was rushed to a hospital in Marina del Ray and was unresponsive along the way. Resuscitation was attempted but paramedics were not successful and she died at approximately 8:30 pm.

An autopsy will be performed later this week.

Kanye, 30, was in London when he heard the news and rushed back the United States.

Rapper Jay-Z paid tribute to West’s mother at a New York concert where he asked for a moment of silence. Dr. Donda West, 58, a professor who once chaired the English department of Chicago State University, was a presence in the rise of her son’s career. Kanye often spoke of the close relationship he and his mother shared and the two were often seen together at awards events.

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