The term 'role model' is tossed around like a football in the media today, especially when it comes to professional athletes and other celebrities. The idea that fame gives someone the moral responsibility to be a better role model for a child than said child's parents is ludicrous, but it exists, so there you go. Perhaps the real problem is that parents keep pointing their kids towards Hillary Duff and not towards Donnie Wahlberg and Bow Wow, right? The weirdest people give life advice on Twitter; constantly waxing poetic about god-only-knows-what. It's good for laughs, but it makes me wonder just how many people take these tweets seriously. Perhaps someone will change their life around because Bow Wow says to go to college - who knows.
Denis Leary
If my mom knew she coulda duct-taped us to death and only done 4 years I wouldnt be tweeting this right now.

Patton Oswalt
Idiot woman at JFK security thinks her podium is a talk show set. Spends 5 min. "chattin'" w/ each person. #speeditup

Goddamn it. I think I have to have it. #CrazyForCult5

Damon Lindelof
On my way to Krispy Kreme to punch everyone there. No one dishonors the House of Lindelof!!!

Bow Wow
To all the young brothas and sistas and kids around the world go to school get ya education have sumn to fall back on.

Michael Ian Black
Last night I had "the upside pussy" at some strip club. It is exactly like what it sounds like.

Tom Arnold
Have you watched the TMZ show? There's apparently a laughing gas leak in their offices

Donnie Wahlberg
Today! Take a look in the mirror. The person staring back? Doubt that person no more! Trust & believe in that person! & you can do anything!

Nicole Richie
The early bird might catch the worm, but I bet it also needs a ton of under eye concealer

Mindy Kaling
"The Better To Eat You With, My Dear" is the name of my chic West Hollywood cupcake bakery where I dress like a sexy wolf.

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