Donnie Wahlberg is the most upbeat male on Twitter; I would say he is the most upbeat person on Twitter, but Kirstie Alley may have him beat out on that particularly annoying award. He begins every day with "RISE AND GRIND" and is continually finding ways to "lift up" his followers. Clearly, some people are into that. Other people enjoy reading about Simon Pegg's dietary restrictions or Russell Brand's cat; to each their own. Also, these names are hyperlinked, go follow George Takei; he deserves it, he is a seriously funny man, sarcastic man.

Simon Pegg
Having to abide by strict nutritional guidelines for work makes going for an In and Out burger even more of a spectacular treat. *drools*

Patton Oswalt
I've caught the kind of cold where my body feels like a skid row hotel full of puking junkies.

Russell Brand
Appear to have trained your cat by loudly telling it to do things that it's doing anyway.

Neil Gaiman
Good morning universe. I have tidied up the beard to make it look intentional. Now look like that pesky evil me from the mirror-universe.

George Takei
I passed "Snookie" but lag four behind "Kim Kardashian" on the Twitterboards. How perplexing. #KeepingUpWithCardassians?

Kirstie Alley
Tired of being fat? Craving sugar? Eating too much? Bring introverted? No energy? BEEN THERE!!...QVC SAT & SUN morning!!... Woo hoo TUNE IN!

I think Arnold will get and extra gift this year for fathers day. I be back.

Donnie Wahlberg
ITS FRIDAY! Even if you "think" you have no reason to celebrate- Do it anyway! You're here! Alive! Breathing! Living! So make TODAY special!

Lost another bull this morning- best guess is hit by lightening... But who knows #LifeOnTheRange

"I'm not on Facebook" is the new "I don't even own a TV."

Roger Ebert
For his birthday, Newt treats himself to a shopping spree at Tiffany's. They have keen little silver elephants.

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