Remember Bow Wow? Whatever happened to that guy? Well he, like many other low-level celebrities exist in all their splendor on the isle of Twitter, airing their thoughts, ideas, and grievances with whoever is still listening to them. Diablo Cody says weird things, this Andy Milonakis guy usually makes me laugh, and Peter Sagal seems like an intellectual. Without Twitter, how would we know what Penn Jillette is thinking every moment of the day? Exactly. Let's all take a moment to drop a tweet thanking Twitter for rescuing us from MySpace and tumblr.
Andy Milonakis
Eating a dry tuna sandwich at the federal building waiting for my passport. What did i do, rape a baby panda in a past life?

Felicia Day
Just heard a radio ad for a Rose Bowl event offering free HIV testing. And free hot dogs. I hope it's meant to be ironic? Lol.

Peter Sagal
I've been cursing at Microsoft Word longer than some of you have been alive.

Bow Wow
I hear yall and all that cavs fans but lets be real... Shoulda drafted Derrick Williams and dope PG straight up. My opinion

Neil Gaiman
Checking in to hotel. @fablor brought two white dogs and a wonderful daughter. Best mid-tour gig ever.

Conan O'Brien
Just found out my movie @ConanCantStop opens today in 26 art house theaters across the nation. Top that, Cars 2!

DC Pierson
"Man, that guy is GREAT at his phone!" - what I hope the girls in this waiting room are thinking

Penn Jillette
Peter Falk has died. I always thought I'd meet him, but I won't. What a wonderful actor. One more thing is bothering me - it's very sad

Mindy Kaling
I am so glad I memorized my credit card number. #birthdaygiving

Diablo Cody
If Metta World Peace and I are ever involved in a charity wrestling match, I suspect I'll be playing the heel.

George Takei
There's not enough time to count the stars in heaven, the grains of sand on the shore or the items in your grocery basket. #ItsMoreThan15

Jim Gaffigan
Cylons attacking every 33 mins on "Battlestar Galactica" really inspired my 5-day-old baby's diaper filling plan. Great, I got a nerd baby.

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