Some days, the number of tweets worth reading are severely lacking. Today is one of those days. It's the kind of day where Ellen posts at least three tweets that are severely eye-roll-inducing. One of those days where Paris Hilton tweets a list of things you don't know about her. One of those days where the funniest tweets come from B-List (at best) celebrities. Well, okay, that's most days.
RainnWilson "If I were a Kardashian, I would be Kikoo the developmentally disabled one who lives in the pool house & makes designer drool bibs."

Michael Ian Black "The most horrible thing that could ever happen just happened: my hotel toilet overflowed, containing one of my beefy turds."

Andy Milonakis "Oprah's tits are made out of tempurpedic material"

Paul Feig "Someone told me to teach my dog to "heel" and I thought they said "heal" and now he's a doctor and his malpractice insurance is killing me."

George Takei "Facebook's female COO to new grads: Change the fact that "men run the world." I agree. Step 1: Stop playing Farmville."

It is too bad that all those Oprah viewers will never read or buy a book again after today. NOW what are poor book publishers going to do?

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