Something your every day Twitter user doesn't experience is the level of negativity and trolling that most celebrity tweeters experience on a day-to-day basis. So when someone like Wil Wheaton posts a complaint about a wireless connection at his house, he gets ten thousand tweets from surly nerds who want to do nothing more than spew their self-important 'tips' to their nerdy 'hero'. All I can say is, I'm glad people don't follow my Twitter account.
bully beatdown is my new favorite show. that mayhem is one funny guy. i wanna host the women's version.

Mindy Kaling
Andre Braugher takes his shirt off way more in Men of A Certain Age than he ever did in Homicide. Not complaining but still.

Wil Wheaton
Listen, guys: OF COURSE I reversed the polarity on the router. OBVIOUSLY I ran a level 5 diagnostic. Jesus, This isn't my first rodeo.

Paul Feig
When you open wine, is it happy to get out of the bottle or does it get homesick? #heyguesswhatimdrinking #thankgodinolongerdostandupcomedy

Roger Ebert
"Allegations of phone hacking and making payments to police are deplorable and unacceptable,” Murdoch says enigmatically.

Quentin Tarantino
Listen up gang, I'm getting some bad ass muthafucking shit for you next year. Who wants a muthafucking western?!

Sarah Silverman
"Not in my backyard!" Wait--was someone trying to be gay in your backyard??

Simon Pegg
Going to bed feeling safe in the knowledge that I live in a country where privacy, liberty and basic human rights are respected. Wait WHAT?!

Samm Levine
Wow. I just saw a meter maid punch a nun in the face and kick a baby. Is that part of their job now, too?

Conan O'Brien
Six years ago Newscorp bought MySpace for $580 million. Last week they sold it for $35 million. Today I saw it on eBay for 88
UPDATE! It turns out that not everything on the Internet can be trusted. As shocking as this revelation may be to some, more shocking is the news that the Quentin Tarantino account linked to in this post is most likely a fake. Sincere apologies are offered for any inconvenience this has caused; just add this bum to the lists of thousands upon thousands of fake celebrity accounts that have been created since Twitter’s inception.

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