Twitter has become the number one way that celebrities can communicate without a filter. Sometimes this is a great tool, other times it's a wasted opportunity, and at times it can be damn entertaining. Collected below are some of the days top tweets from celebrities all over the Twitterverse. Their selection is completely subjective and lacks any sort of stringent rating scale. Follow the Blend Hollywood List and check out the lists to see a whole slew of tweets without edit.

Sarah Silverman @SarahKSilverman "Parkinson's" is a way better name than what it was 1st called in the 70s- "Involuntary Boogie Party"

Damon Lindelof @DamonLindelof I was gonna hold an informal Q&A to field any and all lingering LOST questions on Monday, but y'know... RAPTURE.

Andy Milonakis @AndyMilonakis When i was out of mixers last night i put a grape popsicle in my vodka. I dont remember if it was good

Wil Wheaton @wilw The lab set we're filming in today is on the same stage as the set for Henry's garage, which is the name of my Black Flag tribute band.

Lee Unkrich @leeunkrich Toy Story/The Shining mash-up, painted on an iPad. Incredible gift from @kylelambert. So much awesomeness.

Conan O'Brien @ConanOBrien I hate holding my wife’s purse when she’s buying shoes, especially when she’s buying them on Zappos.

Wendy Molyneux @WendyMolyneux I've always suspected that Arnold Schwarzenegger might be my father because I have his eyes, his hairline, and I'm an incredible douchebag.

John Hodgman @hodgman FAKE CASTING NEWS: voices of Blake Lively, Jack Black, Jonah Hill, James Caan confirmed for CGI Orwell sequel "ANIMAL FARM IN THE CITY."

Any tweets or celebrities you'd like to see mentioned on this list? Comment below!

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