Twitter is now the medium for a lot of exciting things. Shaq announced his retirement on Twitter, word that Osama Bin Laden was killed was spread via Twitter, Jon Favreau has given great Cowboys and Aliens updates through Twitter, and Tom Felton says weird British things on Twitter. It's a great tool because it gives the user whatever they're looking for - and yes, sometimes things they're not really looking for.
Jon Favreau Picture locked. Final sound mix has begun. Home stretch. #CowboysandAliens

Tom Felton My friend caught a nice fish earlier. My dog was most intrigued by it x

Al Yankovic You know the old saying: “Go to bed covered in honey, wake up covered in ants”? I tried it – it’s totally accurate!!

RainnWilson She wasn't veryy good at spellingg eitherr. RT “@lindsaylohan: Happyy 85th birthdayy to mariyn monroe”

SHAQ im retiring Video: #ShaqRetires

Jim Gaffigan My dad might not have been the best dad, but without the comparison I’d feel even guiltier.

George Takei NASA dispatched a team to the TN state capitol but found no signs of intelligence. #TheyDeservedThat

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