I have to keep my hair at a short, ‘professional’ length for work. The hair can’t go over my ears, too far down my neck, and I can’t have hair drooping too far down my forehead. I do this for a job I get paid nine dollars an hour for, and it’s really not that big a deal at all. So to everyone who sympathizes with Vanessa Hudgens for cutting her hair short for a movie she’ll get paid thousands upon thousands of dollars for I say -- pfft.

The 22 year old does look quite a bit like Rachel Ray after the new-do, but she tells Access Hollywood she has accepted her soccer-mom look.
The High School Musical star plays a pregnant girl in the film Gimme Shelter who runs away from home because of her overbearing mother. Now if she had actually gotten pregnant for the role, we’d be talking about her dedication -- hell, we all know Christian Bale would have found a way.

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