American football star Michael Vick was released from jail on Wednesday morning (20May09) to serve out his remaining prison term at his Virginia home.

The former Atlanta Falcons quarterback pleaded guilty to dog fighting charges in exchange for a three-year suspended sentence in November (08). The 28-year-old was already serving 23-months behind bars following his 2007 conviction for criminal conspiracy, stemming from allegations he bankrolled a dog fighting operation from a home he owned in Virginia.

He was set to be released on 20 July (09) - but court officials have allowed him to leave a Leavenworth, Kansas prison to serve out the remaining two months of his sentence at his Hampton, Virginia home. Vick will be electronically monitored and confined to his property unless authorized to leave by his probation officer, and will work full-time at a local construction company, according to

Since his 2007 conviction, Vick has fought another legal battle at a bankruptcy court, after losing nearly all of the $130 million he earned as part of a 10-year deal signed with the Atlanta Falcons in December 2004. (CL/RDR/ZN)

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