We're still bringing you live, constantly updated coverage of all the winners from tonight's Video Music Awards-- you can find that here-- but more than any of the winners so far everyone is talking about Lady Gaga and her show-opening performance of her new song "You and I." You'd think that after showing up at last year's awards wearing a dress made out of meat Gaga wouldn't possibly be able to top herself, but that'd be underestimating her skills of showmanship. Gaga took the stage dressed as her male alter ego, Joe Calderone, then went on to perform "You and I" completely in male drag. It's something you have to see to believe-- and lucky for you, the video is right here embedded below.

It's really one thing to open a mainstream awards show dressed in drag. It's another entirely to start with a monologue about yourself, performed as your alter ego, full of profanity that the MTV censors must have been well-prepared for. "You and I" is actually a pretty good song, and a departure from Gaga's biggest hits so far, and the Joe Calderone stunt is likely to get far more attention than the musical performance. But Lady Gaga is better than anybody else at getting publicity, and it's pretty amazing that at tonight's VMAs she managed to top herself.

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