Before watching this video, I had no idea what Schweppes was; and after watching the video, all I knew was that Uma Thurman wants you to have Schweppes with her. No, not sex. Schweppes. Now, if you’re the kind of person who's hot to have sex with the Kill Bill star, I apologize for the miscommunication. However, if, like me, you’re just fine keeping that a celibate relationship, check out the commercial below where you can see Uma Thurman talk about just how much she loves Schweppes.

Since that commercial told you virtually nothing about Schweppes, allow me to provide some background. From perusing their website I was able to glean that this is a higher-end club soda/ginger ale brand that typically markets itself towards, well, not high school parties. However, if this video goes viral, as it very well might, don't be surprised when there's a picture of Uma Thurman taped to a bottle of Schweppes at the next film geek party you attend.

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