If you haven't figured out by now that having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame doesn't really mean much of anything anymore, then here's some more evidence: George Lopez got one.

It happened Wednesday, probably after his network ABC paid someone enough money to get him one. It's a great way to get his new show (which I refuse to mention) namedropped in trade magazines and on internet sites like this one.

What has George Lopez done to deserve a star? Nothing. Like so many of the other nobodies who have been buying up stars (I hear Ryan Seacrest got one), he's barely famous and there's a fairly good chance that two years from now sightseers strolling past his star will say "Who?" as they trot on past.

There was a time when having a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood really meant something. When it was a tourist attraction, a place where you'd go and see the names of people like Harrison Ford or Gregory Peck. Now it's been reduced to George Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and yes… the Olsen Twins. Stars are awarded not based on who deserves one but who is willing to pay the city's fee to get one installed and then subsequently maintained.

I'm sure for the people of California this is a great revenue stream, but while they may make a little off the pseudo-stars willing to pay to get a now empty honor, how much money are they losing in tourism dollars as tourists begin to realize what an empty destination the Walk of Fame has become? When I was a kid (not so long ago really), I remember dreaming of going to Hollywood and taking a trip down the Walk of Fame. To me, nothing seemed cooler. Now, forget it. I guess Celeb Stink's Head Honcho Josh Tyler can still go give a smooch to Shatner's star… assuming it hasn't been removed to make room for Lindsay Lohan's. But otherwise, what's the point? Why bother?

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