Andy Rooney was often derided as a complainer. His rants were chastised as being out of touch by certain observers irritated over 60 Minutes devoting the end of its hour to decidedly soft news. Perhaps there was some validity to those claims, but to many of us, watching Rooney every week became a loveable tradition. His sometimes bemused and often pointed words were a way to not only express his own viewpoint but gripes many viewers had about everyday issues. He wasn’t Mike Wallace, but then again, he never tried to be.

Part of the reason why 60 Minutes worked so well was because there was a wonderful balance between its contributors. Each had his or her own point of view, and the show never tried to streamline those lenses. You knew what to expect whether the segment belonged to Rooney, Morley Safer, Ed Bradley or Lesley Stahl, and a certain comfort was built through that knowledge. The show was always greater than the sum of its parts because the alterations in tone operated like wonderful transitions. If his co-hosts were there to critique the meat and potatoes, Rooney was the guy willing to point out the fly in the ice cream.

The loveable curmudgeon was far from the first guy who built a reputation on complaining, and he certainly won’t be the last. Rant comics are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, but their deliveries often involve raised tones and shouting. Rooney was always more of a cheerful aggressor, pointing out inadequacies through well-chosen words, rarely escalating his speech patterns.

I loved it, and I’ll miss the hell out of him. To me, he was the greatest complainer of all-time, which is absolutely a good thing. What do you think? Was Andy Rooney the best complainer in television history? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Was Andy The Best Complainer In TV History?

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