If you’re going to get behind one rapper, seriously, make it Eminem. Unlike most of his contemporaries the guy actually writes lyrics, great lyrics, epic lyrics. Eminem doesn’t just sing about hanging out the club or brag about how much money he has, in his raps he spins stories about politics, emotions, and flat out life. It’s what’s missing in almost everyone else’s music. Whatever they don’t have, he’s got it.

His newest song is “Love the Way You Lie” with a little help on vocals from Rihanna, and like everything Eminem does it’s awesome. The video’s pretty great too and in an unexpected move it features former Lostie Dominic Monaghan and recently deposed Transformers hottie Megan Fox as the focus of the burning, tumultuous, angry relationship at the center of Eminem’s song. The song’s great, the video’s great… watch it.

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