A few days ago, Brad Pitt saved a woman's life on a movie set without ever breaking character. That's a star. No one, save maybe Michael Jackson and those kids from Menudo, comes out of the womb with that star quality swagger though. It's a learning process. Step one involves not vomiting mom's spaghetti on yourself. Once you get past that, the goal is to look like a really good karaoke performer. Then it's on to coming off like a star, and finally, the last level, Brad Pitt status, requires maintaining complete professional dominance regardless of what crazy, unexpected nonsense might happen. A woman is about to die? Pick her up and keep moving. Some crazy dude runs on stage and gets hauled off by security? Glance back to make sure your life isn't in danger and keep rapping.

That's what Kanye West and Jay-Z did tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards. The duo was performing their hit song “Otis” when some dude got overly excited and hopped onto the performance floor. A security guard, with lightning speed, intercepted him and escorted the guilty party off stage within seconds. You can check it out at about the one minute, fifty second mark in the video below…

See how Kanye and Jay-Z barely even reacted? With almost bemused curiosity, they turned around, surveyed the situation and kept on going, much to the delight of the sold out crowd. I imagine many viewers at home didn't even realize what happened. Besides, Jay-Z has bigger things to worry about now that he's about to be a father.

As for the performance itself, I found it to be decent. It's really hard to wow a crowd at a large scale event like that, but I certainly wasn't disappointed. Kanye West and Jay-Z may have only made a pretty good record their first time at bat, but there's no denying the pair do have a certain chemistry about them. I truly hope they give it another shot and make an awesome album, or, at the very least, continue performing together on occasion.

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