On July 1st, the third film in the Transformers trilogy, Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be unleashed by Michael Bay into the public. In a less-than-unprecedented music video tie-in release, the much maligned band, Linkin Park has teamed up with the famed director to create a movie music video. Check out the video embedded below.

These made-for-movie music videos have always been popular, but seem to have exploded recently with films like Twilight and Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland being the ones that stick out the most. It’s all about creating buzz, and if that leads to selling a few hundred-thousand singles, so be it. Linkin Park’s last album A Thousand Suns was released in 2010, and the band will be featured prominently on the film’s soundtrack.

Personally, I'm disappointed that Paramount decided to not go with the band of melodious Chinese soldiers from a film that also ponders the dark portion of our lunar friend...

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