Celebrity gossip puts asses in the seats. Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, there’s something about famous people getting arrested, getting married, having children and saying crazy things that makes a high percentage of us turn our heads. It’s not logical or particularly noble, but it’s a stone cold fact that every single news outlet in the world knows. Most networks try and play that close to the vest, but now and again, the lust to generate ratings gets a little more obvious—like say when Justin Bieber gets arrested.

The pop star was thrown in the slammer earlier this week for allegedly drag racing, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. He later took one of the more absurd mug shots I’ve ever seen and was hauled in front of a judge to answer for his behavior. It’s at that moment that MSNBC decided to cut away from normal news coverage to show viewers the inside of the court room. Sounds reasonable, right? Well….

The whole thing was actually beyond awkward because correspondent Andrew Mitchell was in the middle of an interview with Congresswoman Jane Harman, who was speaking live from Switzerland. So, the transition basically played like, “Hey, hey, real news. Slow down for a minute. We appreciate the thought, but we need to cut you off in favor of the fake sensationalist news.”

Not surprisingly, the hilariously awkward clip has been making the rounds all day. It’s gone so wide, in fact, that other NBC stations like E! have been joking about it all day.

MSNBC will definitely cut away from regular programming for Bieber-related shenanigans, but something tells me they’ll be a little smoother about it next time.

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