What's the expiration date on covering the NBA Finals? Was it over yesterday? I don't care. I could rub this victory in the Miami Heat's stupid faces for another month. Not only is Cinema Blend Head Honcho Josh Tyler the biggest Mavericks fan north of Oklahoma, everyone who doesn't live in Miami and isn't a douche bag was pulling for the same team on Sunday night. You know what it reminds me of? Gordon Bombay's scrappy Team USA Ducks overcoming adversity and besting Gunner Stahl and the vastly more talented team from Iceland.

Not buying the similarities? Take a look at the two videos below and decide for yourself:

Singing “We Are The Champions” might seem stupid and cliché, but I totally support it after a title-clinching victory. You can only pat each other on the back for so long before you need Freddie Mercury's words to rub the victory in. It's not really a win unless someone else loses.

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