Michael Jackson films, documentaries, and interviews were everywhere before the King of Pop’s untimely death in 2009, and that didn’t change much after. Most tribute materials aren't created by those close to famous people. That’s what makes Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon so special. Produced and narrated by MJ friend David Guest, the documentary will take a look at Jackson through stories from his inner family.

This has good and bad ramifications. On one hand, Guest no doubt heard stories and gleaned information from family members a stranger may not have been able to coax out. However, a documentary from a trusted friend may not always ask the hard questions. Still an offering with never-before-seen family photos and concert footage, as well as interviews with Jackson’s mother, Katherine, will certainly be worth a watch.

Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon will hit Blu-Ray and DVD on November 1. Bonus features with the disc are scarce, but will include additional interview footage from family members Katherine Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, and Tito Jackson, among others. For a preview of what you will be getting, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has kindly released a trailer for the straight-to-home release. You can check out the video, below.

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