YouTube sensation Rebecca Black is back with her follow-up to “It's Friday”. Called “My Moment”, the new song takes clear aim at some of the teenager's detractors but never quite loses its trademark, good-natured smile. In many ways, it's an improvement upon the outlandish banality of the original hit. Unfortunately, that's also why it won't have near the staying power or appeal.

A small contingent of Black's biggest supporters will no doubt laud this song as a step in the right direction, but the singer's real appeal the first time around was the obnoxious chorus, both jarring and infuriatingly catchy. “My Moment” lacks that hook, and as such, is ultimately less satisfying. Watch the video below…

Over the next few days, the internet will be overwhelmed by trolls decrying “My Moment” as awful, worse than “It's Friday” even. It's not. Everything about it is technically superior, it just doesn't have that x-factor. It's an unremarkable and average pop song. Don't expect it to top one hundred million views on YouTube but don't expect critics to chastise it either. “My Moment” could easily be a non-single on one of Britney Spears' early albums. Seeing where Rebecca Black came from, that seems like a victory.

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