Ready for a hot fact that's going to make you feel kind of sad and incredibly old? Weird Al Yankovic has been around for thirty-five years. Fooling around with recording equipment in his basement at sixteen, the most famous parody artist in history produced a demo and handed it to radio host Dr. Demento. It was getting regular airplay within days, and by the time Yankovic was a senior in college, he had a record contract and was putting the finishing touches on his first hit “Another One Rides The Bus”.

From Nirvana to Michael Jackson, Weird Al has parodied nearly every famous musician over the last three decades and in doing so, has crafted his own unique brand of humor and vocal styling. With Lady Gaga's fame reaching staggering heights, it only makes sense Yankovic would turn his attention on the pop songstress. Channeling her hit “Born This Way”, his new parody, “Perform This Way”, is good natured but still pokes fun at some of the more absurd aspects of Gaga's public persona. Take a look at the video below…

Superimposing his face onto the body of a dancing chick is a little bit creepy, but there's still a lot about this video that works. I especially love the runway number, but fans of Lady Gaga should find dozens of the little tidbits, funny costumes and lyrical references very familiar.

It's going to be a sad day when music's most famous artists aren't hit with tongue-and-cheek renditions of their most popular songs. At only fifty-one, Weird Al should have a lot of years left in him, but some day, there will be that void and the world will be a much less goofy place.

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