Adam Sandler is receiving a lot of hate because of his latest film Jack & Jill. Everyone from your grandmother to English teacher assumed that Sandler’s latest movie would end up being garbage, and for the most part they were right. The general consensus among critics was not surprising though, because his films released in the past decade have been mediocre at best. Still, the response to his latest endeavor has been undeserved. Critics have called him lazy, not funny and most of all a sellout. His latest movie is atrocious, but I don’t think it came out that way because he’s not capable of being funny anymore. Rather, I think he’s just lost his drive a bit.

Even though most people think that is enough of a reason for him to quit, I disagree. I still hold the comedian in highest regard because he gave us films like The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, Bullet Proof and five hilarious comedy albums that all featured his talents as a musician. Everyone needs to stop hating Sandler, because the comedian doesn’t deserve this shit storm. Even though his latest movies have sucked, nobody should forget how much he’s made us laugh in the past. To remind you why Sandler is funny, here are six of his best songs...

the hobbit

What the Hell Happened to Me? “The Chanukah Song”
Making a few bad movies doesn't cause someone to lose talent. Case in point: “The Chanukah Song.” What the Hell Happened to Me? is what most people assume Sandler is asking himself right now after seeing Jack & Jill’s Rotten Tomato score, but the most famous song from his second comedy album released in 1996 suggested that he was one of the most talented comedians at the time, and it also made him a household name. When this holiday satire was released, I remember my fellow classmates singing the song out of tune but full of joy at the silly lyrics. It’s funny how much this song sticks with me to this day, even though I haven’t listened to it in almost five years. While writing this column, I was doing my research on what songs to put on this list, and when I listened to the “The Chanukah Song”, it all came back. Every word. If that doesn’t show off a talented man, then maybe reruns of Saturday Night Live will.

Saturday Night Live “Lunch Lady Land”
Sandler has always been a great writer, and his blend of comedy and song led to some of the most memorable skits in SNL history. Remember the song “Lunch Lady Land”? Even if you don’t know the lyrics, you probably remember Chris Farley’s dancing. Though his death rocked the comedy world, his relationship with Sandler was important to the future of the Jack & Jill star. During the “Lunch Lady Land” skit, the larger than life comedian dressed up as a gross lunch lady, and while he danced with vegetables, Sandler sang lyrics like: “Well yesterday's meatloaf is today's sloppy joes” and “There’s lots of black hairs coming out of my nose.” Sure, the song was immature and profoundly silly, but for that time and place, it was a perfect sentiment for their friendship and Sandler’s inseparable repertoire in front of the camera with Chris Farley.

Saturday Night Live Any Opera Man Skit
Saturday Night Live was obviously a great time for Sandler’s comedic abilities to shine. From snake slinging Boy Scouts to the Cajun Man, he proved himself as a comedian. Though people mostly remember him for his characters like Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy, Opera Man has always been my favorite of them all. Overtly Italian, eccentric, and overly dramatic, Sandler hits every comedy note with his outlandish caricature. Not only did this character make some of the most memorable appearances onSNL, but every time he stopped by to make fun of Al Gore, or sing about nipples, it was just another hilarious installment from Sandler’s ridiculous sense of humor. It’s really hard to choose just one skit or song from Opera Man’s catalog, so I’m going to suggest that you watch any or all the segments you can find of Sandler’s most ludicrous creation.

. They're All Gonna Laugh at You! “The Longest Pee”
If you are old enough to remember that Adam Sandler wasn’t always making movies about grotesque twins, goofy hair dressers or homophobic firemen, then you probably remember the timeless comedy albums he released throughout the 1990’s. All of his comedy records progressed and were still just as funny as the last. They’re All Gonna Laugh at You! might be truer now than he could probably ever know, but Sandler recorded a song while he was peeing; so maybe he doesn’t care if people actually laugh at him. Clocking in at two minutes and fifteen seconds, this silly piece of potty humor brings us back to when his callous taste for immature gags used to be funny. Even though most people might not like his freestyle form of singing under these circumstances, this segment from his debut record still shows off Sandler’s irreverence.

Anger Management “I Feel Pretty”
Some audiences might argue that Anger Management was Adam Sandler’s last passable movie. I really enjoyed his performance in 2009’s Funny People, but I see why many don’t consider that a real Sandler film. While Anger Management wasn’t terrible, it was the obvious beginning of Sandler’s movie trend, because while Jack Nicholson played his supporting role with the fiery enthusiasm he always does, the script was still subpar and the movie was overall nothing special. Anger Management had its fair share of problems, but one of the redeeming aspects from the movie was the banter among Nicholson and Sandler. Everything else in the movie didn’t seem to work, but their sing-a-longs, fighting and hilarious conversations about controlling anger were ingenious. One of the most memorable scenes from the movie was when Nicholson and Sandler sang “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story. This scene proved that even though he would not make another movie this watchable until Funny People, this once great comedian could still make people laugh from singing in a goofy voice. Plus, who doesn’t like watching the actor who played Jack Torrance sing “I Feel Pretty”?

The Wedding Singer “Somebody Kill Me Please”
The Wedding Singer is undoubtedly Adam Sandler’s best movie. There is no other film in his career where he finds the perfect medium between the silly characters he created with The Waterboy, and the angry schmucks he made funny with Happy Gilmore. This film about a 1980’s wedding singer on hard times effectively shows off Sandler’s skills as a performer and his uncanny ability to make any song, even “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record),” funny as hell. This movie combines the perfect amount of heart, comedy, music and 1980’s nostalgia. For me though, the most memorable, heartfelt and hilarious moment comes when Sandler’s character Robbie sings his depressing song “Somebody Kill Me Please” for his love interest Julia. Oddly enough, this song about being shot in the head due to undying depression after being stood up at his own wedding, really shows off Sandler’s talent as a comedian, musician, and person who can turn the most silly scenarios into comedy gold.

the hobbit

The Wedding Singer
Normally we save this last section for a simple music video that sums up the entire theme of our Weekly Download Recommendation series, but obviously this installment has been a bit different. That’s why I’m going to suggest my favorite movie by Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer. If you haven’t seen this film already, don’t spend the ten dollars to see Jack & Jill. Instead, grab a copy of it at your local video store and enjoy Sandler’s endless ability to entertain.

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