Halloween is here again, and with it comes many traditions. The kids go out trick-or-treating or the adults might join in all the fun as well, but the holiday isn't limited to just endless candy. Some people like to throw Halloween parties that require costumes, apple cider and lots of alcohol. Every year when the Halloween season rolls around, everything from costumes, candy, decorations, cold weather and boozes come along to assist the haunted holiday in being fun; not only for the kids, but for the adults too. Since I’m quite positive that most of our readership is past the age of walking door to door for candy--but who doesn't enjoy that?-- I'm positive that most of you will either throw a costume party, or at least go to one. That's why in this installment of Weekend Download Recommendations, I am supplying you, my classy readers, with a list of the perfect Halloween party music that will surely fill your night with haunted shenanigans. Even if you've already had or went to a party this week, this list still goes well with all you folks who'll stay in tonight. So, get your costumes on, buy some PBR, and let the good times, I mean scary times, roll. Here is this week’s music recommendations:

the hobbit

Bobby Pickett “The Monster Mash”
“Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett is the perfect song to bust out when the weather gets cold and the Halloween lights start to decorate the houses. Not only is this a festive song that starts to play when Halloween is near, but it’s also a perfect song for any Halloween party. For years, this tune has worked its way into numerous Halloween specials and children's films and has even had an endless array of covers. From the horror punk version the Misfits made, to the original song conceived by Bobby Pickett himself, no Halloween novelty song has gone together with the holiday quite like it. “Monster Mash” has been a staple for Halloween parties since its inception in 1962 because of its catchy rhythms for the kids to dance to, its themed lyrics for the adults to sing-a-long, and the novelty that keeps on giving. If your party is in the mood for a good dance session, bust out this tune. Yet, no other song screams an adult Halloween quite like this one:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show “The Time Warp”
The Jim Sharman cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been creeping audiences out since 1975. The reason why it’s on the cult status is because of the film's ability to still shock you, while also opening your eyes to an entirely new world. Does Rocky Horror seem like a perfect film for Halloween? When our parents think of drag queens, transvestites, vampires or ghouls, Tim Curry immediately comes to mind with his daring Goth drag and his assortment of equally eccentric friends and righteous sing-a-longs about living in an isolated mansion; and his other horror and science fiction themed tunes. His most famous song was "The Time Warp," which was featured in both the film and the 1973 rock musical. “The Time Warp” is also a perfect fit for our haunted Halloween playlist because nothing speaks ghouls, vampires, transvestites and drag queens quite like it. When the original 1973 stage show opened in England with force, no other song was remembered more lovingly than “The Time Warp.” The song has been covered by numerous acts over the years, but nothing speaks to the true spirit of Halloween like the original song. Anything song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show film would actually make for a perfect tune to play at a Halloween party, but "The Time Warp" is the best of them all. Party on freaks.

The Fresh Prince “A Nightmare On Elm Street”
Who would expect that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Will Smith, could possibly have a song featured on a list of Halloween tracks to play during a Halloween party? Sure, his other famous tracks are ripe for any party, but this is all about Halloween. The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff go all out on their track “A Nightmare On Elm Street” which is all about the film it's based on. With all out freaky vocals and even creepier lyrics, what else would you expect from a song about Freddy Krueger? Smith’s song doesn’t hold back at all on the horrific imagery, from rapping about Krugger’s abductions to his horrifying glove and iconic stripped sweater. Anyone that’s seen the film can immediately notice the references rapped in this song and will love its playful Will Smith vibe tinged with horror. Leave it to the Fresh Prince to serve up this delicious track that is perfect for any Halloween party and for all those horror movie fanatics who love the dream killer’s franchise.

AC/DC “Highway to Hell”
Highway to Hell is another iconic song that isn’t necessarily associated with Halloween parties, but is still very much an eerie tune that can be listened to at anytime of the year and will automatically bring chills down your spine. Depending on what kind of party you want to throw, this song will surely set a scary mood. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the American south, north, Europe or with a group of friends, or a huge house party; “Highway to Hell” is a great tune to bust out when everyone is drunk and the mood turns toward debauchery. Sure, this tune is about Hell, bells and other horrific imagery, but AC/DC sets the course of any party, fortunate enough to play their song, for good times and hellish thrills. To add to the eerie sound and lyricism behind it, Bon Scott died soon after the album was released due to an over consumption of alcohol. It’ll be a good Halloween.

Gorillaz “M1 A1”
The English Trip Hop band Gorillaz is best known for their two hit singles “Clint Eastwood” and “Feel Good Inc.” Even though these two tracks could supply any roaring Halloween party with an infectious beat and depressing lyricism, their little known song “M1 A1” is the perfect track to make any Halloween party feel like a haunted ride. Featuring a clip from “Day of the Dead,” which plays repeatedly in the first half of the song, “M1 A1” starts off on a scary note. Repeating over and over again “Hello? Is there anyone there?,” the chilling Gorillaz song reminds the listener of falling into a deep haze of horror. It’s an auditory nightmare that might not be the best song for a party, but for those of you out there that are daring enough, the Gorillaz freakish song will surely set the mood right for any creepy Halloween incidents.

Meatloaf “Bat Out Of Hell”
Meatloaf’s symphonic sound and his equally eloquent voice all come together in the epic song “Bat Out Of Hell.” Not only does the singers’ amazing Opera style of vocals show itself in full force here, but the song is pretty damn cool too. “Bat Out Of Hell” is uplifting, stylish, tells a great story and is one of his best songs. Meat Loaf shows off his passion and talent in this recording, which is about a motorcycle rider attempting to escape from hell, and because of his endless emotion behind each note, this operatic showtune is the perfect drunken sing-a-long for any Halloween party. Even though “Bat Out Of Hell” can be associated with some of the other songs featured on this list because it is not a Halloween song, it is still a great tune to listen to when the night wines down, and there is nothing left to do but finish the alcohol, sing with your friends, and act like the demons are coming to get you. Happy Halloween!

the hobbit

Michael Jackson “Thriller”
Sure, there are plenty of videos that I could have listed, but what’s more Halloween themed than Michael Jackson’s "Thriller"? Nothing, really. Not only is this music video one of the best around, but it also works perfectly as a short horror film; with dancing Zombies. What more could you ask for?

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