Normally, I hate Corona commercials. There’s something about hanging out in some hammocks with Christmas lights twinkling bright through the trees that makes my blood run colder than the 10 degree weather I normally experience during the holiday season. This year, however, I nixed my coat in favor of a t-shirt and actually went for a run outside on Christmas. It was so nice, not even a fair weather commercial could dour my mood. That’s the spirit, weather.

To celebrate the season, but more-so the temperature, this Weekend Download Recommendations has a list full of fair weather music. Some of these tracks are made for a nice and balmy Christmas and others are just made for some nice and balmy weather. Because, why not? Each track rises to the occasion, just like a wave swelling open for surfers on a hot, sweet beach.

the hobbit

Kenny Chesney “All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan.”
You can’t go wrong with a hot Kenny Chesney Christmas song. With lyrics such as “Singing’ silent night with the palm a glowin,’” Chesney manages to outdo any silly Corona commercial while still creating a memorable melody. “All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan” does the unthinkable – instead of making me wish for a tan, it makes me wish I could have pina coladas and mahi for the holidays. Besides, if it doesn’t accomplish much else, at least it proves Chesney and fellow island lover Jimmy Buffett could actually make a good team.

Sheryl Crow “Soak Up The Sun”
“Soak up the Sun” was a pop hit and a comeback for Crow, who experienced her share of success in the nineties with the breakout 1994 hit “All I Wanna Do.” Though her music is more for warm weather than necessarily Christmas, grab your Santa hat, your deck chair, and a cup of homemade eggnog and see if this song doesn’t totally suit your mood.

Len “Steal My Sunshine”
Insanely catchy and utterly bizarre, “Steal My Sunshine” was written by a Canadian and included on an album called You Can’t Stop The Bum Rush. More importantly, the track sounds like the perfect background noise for stupid decisions people make when the weather’s hot. I have no statistics on this whatsoever, but I can’t fathom any radio station ever playing this song between the months of November and February, at least not during a normal year. But with weather in some parts of the country still hovering around fifty, “Steal My Sunshine” was probably cranked by Santa last night as he downed a victory eggnog and gave Mrs. Claus her homemade gift.

Lesley Gore “Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows”
Believe it or not, this song was nominated for a Grammy back in 1965. That probably says more about the award show than it does the track, but I suspect this isn’t the first time the Grammy Awards have confounded you. Anyway, if you want a little history of this hot weather, happy little gem, it first appeared in the practically forgotten movie Ski. It later appeared in 2009’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs where it hit my radar and landed snugly on this list.

The Hollyberries “I Wanna Go Surfing with Santa”
The Hollyberries’ “I Wanna Go Surfing with Santa” is somewhat a mystery. It sounds exactly like a sixties surfer girl group, but apparently it was written in 2009. It has a “cool cat” lyric, and yet the last time there was a true “cat” onscreen, John Travolta was in Pulp Fiction, no wait, Get Shorty. This song shouldn’t exist and yet it’s just strange and catchy enough to make a warm weather Christmas list.

the hobbit

The Beach Boys Christmas with the Beach Boys
Not only does the news the Beach Boys are reuniting for a fiftieth anniversary tour make them pretty relevant this year, but surfing grooves and harmonic tunes are just the thing to top off a warm Christmas. Especially when the album features such sentimental classics as Santa’s Got an Airplane. Buy it, today.

the hobbit

Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas”
O.K. so this song was initially written as a Christmas protest. Shoving that under the rug, Greg Lake in the desert singing about Christmas is a must-have classic.

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