A few years ago nobody really knew the name Darren Aronofsky. With a confusing last name and a multiple of art house films that were, dare I say, to dark for the normal audiences; people didn’t know him, or his films. That has changed since The Wrestler and last year’s Black Swan. The man is enormously famous now, and because of him, Natalie Portman is an Oscar winner. So, what does a director like Aronofsky, who is bound to have many projects lined up, make next? He directed a commercial for the make-up company Revlon.

In what is surely to be the biggest 180 in directorial history, it’s surprising he choose this as his next project. But, it’s actually a cool commercial. It screams Aronofsky, with its arty camera shots and the black and white color. The gorgeous Jessica Biel is as sexy as ever in it. What this really proves is that Aronofsky can do whatever he wants and it comes out gold. Yet after this, what will he do next? We can only hope it’s a movie, but for all I care he can direct a Subway commercial and it’ll probably be better than half the blockbuster garbage that comes out this summer. Check out the commercial below:

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