Scrappy former all-star centerfielder and World Series champion Lenny Dykstra is beloved in parts of New York City, specifically those parts which root for the ‘Mazin Mets. Throughout his ten plus year baseball career, he hustled like there was no tomorrow and partied like he had four livers, gaining the respect of his teammates and competitors. Unfortunately, he’s also been linked to steroids, arrested for drunk driving, and sued more than once--all while building a car wash and stock portfolio empire reportedly worth more than sixty million dollars. It’s hard-ish out there for a pimp.

According to The New York Daily News, Dykstra is being sued again for bouncing a seven thousand dollar check for private plane service. This litigation is in addition to another case in which he’s accused of not paying an accounting firm over one hundred thousand dollars. What the fuck, Lenny? I’m more than willing to give celebrities the benefit of the doubt on one lawsuit (there’s a lot of scam artists out there), but the last decade has shown nothing but a pattern of unseemly, reckless, and cheap behavior.

Get your life together, Lenny. Stop being a shitty person. We all want to remember you with fondness--not disgust and animosity.

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