The first week of the Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial has recounted a lot of suspicious behavior by the man entrusted to care for Michael Jackson. Both phone records and the testimonies of several individuals who were there have identified a nearly thirty minute window between when the Dr. found the King of Pop unresponsive and when he phoned 911 operators. When prosecutors first brought up the delayed response in court, it seemed like their most damning piece of evidence, but now another group of witnesses has pointed to even shadier conduct.

Apparently, Dr. Conrad Murray did not tell the responding paramedics that he’d injected the pop star with Propofal. The powerful anesthetic was later cited as the reason for Jackson’s death, but he failed to report to the EMTs that the drug was in the singer’s system. How could a doctor leave out such a crucial piece of information? According to CBS, prosecutors are pointing to those lapses in judgment as signs of a guilty conscience. From an onlooker’s standpoint, the information certainly seems damning. Still, none of us were in the room. People respond very differently to stress, and while we’d like to think all doctors are in control, the truth is everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

What do you think? Did Dr. Conrad Murray fail to disclose pertinent information because he knew he’d done something wrong or did he just make a few very human errors in the heat of the moment? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Why Didn't Dr Murray Reveal What Was In MJ's System?

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