For as long as I can remember, mostly everyone I know has been up in arms about Walmart. If you aren’t familiar with this business then you probably have been either living under a rock or on some desolate island in South America. But for the rest of the world, Walmart is a large part of most of our lives. My parents can’t always afford to shop at Publix or Walgreens; so Walmart is a part of their twice a month pilgrimage for dog food, human food, and other necessities we need at a cheaper price than the competition offers.

The people who are against this company don’t seem to understand the money the conglomerate saves my family and millions of others every year is an important aspect of our standard of living. Still, many others won't shop there because it’s catered toward “stupid” people and/or “rednecks.” Though I might agree with Walmart being a greedy conglomerate, it's worth dealing with for many reasons, reasons a lot of folks just don't understand.

The latest calamity that’s struck pseudo-intellectuals across the nation is how the “Save money. Live better” company is partnering with Ticketmaster to create ticket booths at every store where you can receive personal service for every ticket bought. These booths will allow folks to buy their physical concert stubs at the store instead of on the web. Yet, most seem to feel like this is a travesty against the nature of buying concert tickets. Anybody who disagrees with this personal service, seems to not believe that this is as an easier way to retrieve tickets for shows. What those folks fail to realize is that this provides eventgoers with more options. This isn't an issue of greed, it's a debate of whether more options for the consumer is good or bad.

The CEO of Ticketmaster Nathan Hubbard explains their deal with Walmart: “By integrating ticketing into Walmart stores, we are able to offer fans this very convenient way to learn about upcoming events, purchase and take home tickets without leaving their neighborhood. In addition, Ticketmaster will continue to work closely with our clients to create exclusive high value offers for Walmart customers.” There is nothing wrong with one company joining forces with another.

The problem I have with people against the Walmart/Ticketmaster merger is that many just automatically assume the worst when two large companies come together. Often though, it's quite the contrary actually. It’s only the majority who disagree with it that won’t utilize the benefits of being able to pick up a physical ticket stub and personal service instead of ordering online, paying shipping, or even waiting at will call. Opposing something because it doesn't suit your needs or doesn’t fit the dense idea that Walmart is simply doing this to screw the “little man” is quite foolish. So is following an ideology blindly or believing what others tell you to without doing any form of research for yourself. If the opposed would just throw out all their prior notions of what a big business like Walmart shouldn't be, and just understand that more options are better, then maybe those people would realize not all big business interactions are facetious.

All in all, nobody should be complaining about Ticketmaster joining Walmart. The only thing this joint business opportunity will do is serve the stupid people who are the only ones willing to pay Ticketmaster surcharges in the first place. And since, according to most, only stupid people shop at Walmart this really has no affect on any of you naysayers.

If you are interested in a different opinion from the normal Walmart is ruining everything about the American Dream, then check out Penn and Teller: Bullshit!. They did a wonderful expose on Walmart that summed up people's dislike of this corporation quite accurately. They talked about the issues of sweat houses, minimum wage, the hiring of immigrants and the “destruction” of small businesses, that most perceive, at the heart of Walmart. I highly suggest you watch it because you will be surprised with who they side with:

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