You know that thing where you stare at the sun for so long it burns an image of itself onto your retinas for several minutes after you're done looking? That's kind of what William Shatner's career has become. America used to be so enamored with the man. His iconic role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek catapulted Shatner to massive success in the 1970s. But, like many stars, Shatner's fame has died out over the years. Now all we're left with is a blurry image of the once shining talent.

One such blur is the recent team-up between Shatner and guitarist Zakk Wylde. Revolver has released a track off Shatner's new album (Seeking Major Tom) titled "Iron Man". Yes, that "Iron Man", the Ozzy Osbourne song made popular in his hey-day with Black Sabbath. If you dare, give it a listen below…

Revolver Mag debut William Shatner Iron man feat. Zakk Wylde by Cleopatra Records

Well at least the guitar sounds authentic (probably because Wylde used to play it himself when he was in Black Sabbath). As for Shatner, I think it's safe to assume heavy metal isn't his forte. I actually would have enjoyed this cover more if he'd done it in the style of his previous spoken word albums. The 6:32 runtime doesn't help my overall enjoyment of the song either. Still, there is something charming about Shatner. Perhaps it's his inherent "dad" quality or the new-found friendship between him and Wylde, but Shatner remains just barely tolerable. With Seeking Major Tom releasing on October 11th and Priceline commercials a-plenty, Shatner remains in the spotlight for now. Much like the sun, the after affects of Shatner-mania are going to be with us for a long time.

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